Saturday, 26 April 2014

#atozchallenge: W is For...

I did some major cutting in the list of songs for the letter W. I actually had twelve in the list of songs I wanted to talk about but managed to lose over half of them!

Wide Open Spaces – Dixie Chicks

This became one of my theme songs when we were up in Appin. Once again it was on the mix of albums that we were listening to pretty much constantly and it sort of summed up my feeling about the whole experience. Although I’d spent nine months living in Halls of Residence, I’d been going home every weekend, in Appin I was away for a full six weeks (with occasional visits home at weekends). I was also being a proper grown up, living with my fiancĂ© for the first time (which we survived and now we’re married and live together all the time).

Wherever You Go – Francis Rossi

I remember coming home from holiday in Cornwall one year and stopped at Cirencester to visit a museum for a friend. As we pulled into the car park this song was playing and as I waited in the car I listened to the words and found myself planning a fanvid for CSI couple Grissom and Sara… as you do. I love the gentle pace of the music as well as the words, they're almost like marriage vows.

Way Back Into Love (Demo Version) – Music & Lyrics

I mentioned earlier in the month, way back at the beginning in fact, about how much I like the film Music and Lyrics. I especially like the soundtrack, particularly the songs that the two main characters come up with over the course of the film. Way Back Into Love is the song which they manage to produce and the performance of which is the culmination of the whole film. I especially like this version because it just feels like two people having a bit of fun. I always wonder, when I listen to songs, where did the words come from, which I suppose is why I like this film so much, because it’s a film about the creation of a song. I like that when I listen to this I can picture bits of the film where the characters are trying to come up various lines.

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