Saturday, 5 April 2014

#atozchallenge: E is For...

In a way these posts are kind of becoming ‘My Life in Music’ which is kind of nice in a way, I don’t think people really think about how certain songs and albums become your own kind of Life Soundtrack. I’m only including my very favourites in my posts (well, some can’t be included because I can’t find them on YouTube and I don’t have time to go uploading them myself) but I’m thinking of making an epic playlist once I’ve finished.

Ebudae – Enya

This is one of those Life Soundtrack songs. When I was away at University I had a bright pink CD player, two Shrek soundtrack CDs, a four-disc set of Disney songs and two Enya CDs in my room. Obviously this meant that my choices for music while studying were somewhat limited. Generally I’d put on an Enya CD while I was studying because it was harder to get distracted by the lyrics. This worked for a while until I started learning the words, including the ones in Gaelic. I like the sort of sweeping style of this song. I remember reading once that it’s about women working in a field and I can kind of imagine that from the music.

Emotional Girl – Terri Clark

I found this on YouTube when someone posted a bunch of X-Men fanmixes. It had been put together for Rogue along with a whole bunch of other country songs. Some of them I kind of dismissed but some of them, like this one, stuck with me because, as has become a theme, they’re good to sing along to at the top of your voice. I ended up adding it to my ‘Cait’s Themes’ playlist because it sums up my moods sometimes. ;-)

Engelbert the Elephant – Tom Paxton

I couldn’t do a list of my favourite songs without including my old favourite Engelbert the Elephant. This has actually been one of my favourites for as long as I can remember, although I did forget about it for a while until I got a copy of the Goin’ To The Zoo CD I’d had on tape as a child. It’s about an elephant, named Englebert, getting accidentally invited to a royal ball. Seriously, what’s not to love about that?

Elephant Love Song Medley – Moulin Rouge

So clearly I have a thing about elephants. I had five songs on my list under the letter E and only two of them mention elephants, it just happens that in putting this post together half the songs have the word Elephant in the title!

I remember when this film first came out and my friend having the soundtrack on at a birthday party. I may have performed a duet to this song with a friend… I can’t really sing so I won’t mention exactly how that went down. I do love Moulin Rouge and this is one of my favourite songs from it, I like the way that they use all the song lines to make up a conversation… there used to be a game like that on Whose Line Is It Anyway.


  1. What a lovely post, I'm not sure what my picks would be. Nice to connect and follow on

    1. It's been fun working out which songs to use.

      Thanks for the visit, I'll check out your blog. :-)


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