Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Book 59 of 2014: Colonel Carter's Christmas & The Romance of an Old-Fashioned Gentleman by Frances Hopkinson Smith

After filling my Kindle up with Christmassy stories I set about working my way through them all. Colonel Carter’s Christmas & The Romance of an Old-Fashioned Gentleman was one of the ones I chose to read at the end of November, figuring it wasn’t too Christmassy.

This was originally published around 1911 and is two stories in one book. One is the story of a man who has some guests round for a Christmas dinner who help to change his view on the world; the second is about an artist who falls in love with a married woman and how his memory of her affects him years later.

The ebook totalled 214 pages which meant that it was a really quick read. I basically read one story one day and the second the next. At that time of year I was all about the nice quick reads what with the impending Christmas season and also having assignments to get written. I think that the best sorts of Christmas stories are the ones that you can read in a couple of days, get them out the way and move onto another one to buoy up your Christmas spirit.

Of the two stories, only the first was actually a Christmas story. I’ve noticed that seems to be the case with Christmas books on the Kindle; they tend to be packaged together with other stories. I guess because they were intended to be gifts originally, but needed to have something for when the season ended as well. Regardless of the reason, I enjoyed ‘Colonel Carter’s Christmas’, it was a nice traditional sort of Christmas story with an old man getting a new view of the holiday.

The second story was a little bit predictable. I could guess what was going to happen with the artist and the woman as soon as they were introduced, then later when a young man made his acquaintance it was fairly obvious who he would turn out to be. All the same it was a nice quick little read. On the whole I preferred the first story but that was mainly because I was expecting them both to be Christmassy and that was what I was in the mood for.

It’s an ebook that I’m keeping on my Kindle for the time being because I really enjoyed it and it was a nice way to gently ease me into the mood for more Christmas reading.

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