Friday, 4 April 2014

Official Bedroom

Excuse the poorly lit iPhone photo but I took it over a week ago and haven't gotten round to taking a better one so this will have to do.

We've wanted to get the spare bedroom furnished since we moved in but we had other priorities, like getting a washing machine, chest freezer, bookcases and a new bed for ourselves. So we stuck a desk up there and put everything else into boxes around the edge of the room and left it as it was. It was definitely more of a spare room than a spare bedroom!

A few weeks ago I played a round of musical cupboards. I moved some boxes out of the cupboard downstairs into my wardrobe, moved my knitting stuff from the upstairs cupboard into the space created in the downstairs cupboard, moved the boxes of books from the spare bedroom into the upstairs cupboard and lo and behold, suddenly there was room for a single bed in there.

Coincidentally around that time we drove past a local charity shop just as they were unloading a single bed into the shop. I mentioned to Mr Click that he should go take a look at them.

The following week it was delivered and the room started looking like this:

We took a trip off the island the weekend before the bed was delivered and picked up some plain bedding for it. I was all for getting a set with the London Underground map all over it but this one is probably a lot more neutral. I felt so grown up buying a valance, I never saw the point of those things when I was little.

Not included in the picture is the headboard which is just out of shot at the end of the bed. I'd been unsure about whether we would have room for it because of the sloped ceiling but it's kind of a triangular shape and so should fit neatly against the wall. We just need to pull the bed back out and attack it with a screwdriver.

There's still a desk in the room which we'll be getting rid of soon and I've got a pair of curtains which are a bit thicker to go up in there as well. Since I took the photo of the bed I've put a couple of cuddly toys on it to make it look more like a bedroom. Tara has also jumped on it, though luckily sans muddy feet!

Of course, I kind of want to put the bed against the opposite wall... at some point. The spare bedroom now has somewhere for someone to sleep, but it's going to be a work-in-progress for a while yet.

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