Friday, 18 April 2014

TMA 06

I’ve been preparing for writing my final TMA for a couple of weeks before the actual due date, which was yesterday. Once I’d finished the final chapter I was able to start focusing all my attention on getting it written. Unfortunately I find I work best with a little bit of pressure to get things finished and so starting so soon before it was due meant I had little incentive to actually sit down and work.

Luckily having a day off last Friday gave me a chance to sit and pour some words out onto paper. It took a little while before I felt like I was actually writing about the right thing. I actually felt like I was struggling to hit my word count and despite making a massive list of essays from the Readers that I could reference, I also felt like I was struggling to find ways to make reference to them.

I think that’s because a lot of what I’m saying is my own interpretation of the texts so there’s only so much you can reference when it’s coming from yourself.

On the whole I think this word cloud shows a good summary of what I wrote about. I would've expected bildungsroman to be a little larger, but then again I think I spent more time talking about examples of it and what it did to the texts rather than using the term itself. Issues is obviously quite big because that was pretty much what I was talking about, as well as the way readers react to those issues.

The large 'Truth' is a little misleading as I was not only talking about characters learning the truth about things or telling the truth, but also one of the titles of the books was The Other Side of Truth. So it looks like I used it more than should've counted really.

I’m just wanting to get this one passed and I’m glad I managed to get it wrapped up eventually. I’ll be giving myself a little bit of a break to enjoy Easter and the long weekend over my birthday then I’ll get stuck into the ECA. It’s to be a bit longer and I’m going to need more time to get it done so after giving myself a slight break I’ll crack on with it.

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