Sunday, 20 April 2014

Weekly Rundown

Hope everyone’s having a nice Easter weekend.

For me it’s the start of three long weekends in a row, first Easter, then my birthday, then a bank holiday. After getting my assignment finished and submitted last week I’ve given myself the weekend off before starting to plan my EMA. It’s been kind of weird this week coming home from work and not getting my coursework out or sitting down to work on an essay. Nice, but weird.

The weather has been lovely so despite our plans to watch all of the Harry Potter films over the Easter weekend, we’ve also been getting out and enjoying the weather. The weather recently hasn’t been great so when we’ve gone for walks I’ve not been able to take my camera with me. On Friday we walked all the way to the front gate and I took dozens of photos along the way.

I also got a lot of knitting done as well. The monster that I started to take down south with me for Sport Relief is almost complete. It had taken me about a week on and off to get one arm knitting and in the space of a day I not only finished that arm but also got the other one done and a leg. I might have gotten a bit more done if I hadn’t been distracted by my latest issue of Simply Knitting arriving with lots and lots of patterns to contemplate.

I’ve not had much time for knitting recently so I’ve not really planned what I might like to work on next. I’m wanting some instant gratification so probably something without too much sewing up afterwards. Suggestions on a postcard, please.

A couple of Easters ago Mr Click and I marathoned all of the Harry Potter films, having got the blu-ray box set a couple of months beforehand. We hadn’t watched them since then so it seemed like a good choice of viewing for this weekend. We watched three on Friday and three yesterday so we’ve just got the last two for tomorrow.

I was going to say a bit about what I thought of them here today, but then I realised that 1) I’ve not finished watching all of them yet and 2) I think it’d be kind of cool to do individual posts on each of the films (at some point). In the meantime you can look back on my old posts about them here and here.

I’m also planning to reread Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban next as well so it’s nice to revisit the films though it has worked to make me want to read the books more. There’s so much extra in the books.

Speaking of books, I’m getting along well with The Lord of the Rings. I always seem to find The Fellowship of the Ring slow going for some reason and then speed through the first book of The Two Towers. It’s a pattern I’ve noticed more and more on recent rereads. I think it’s because of the two story threads of The Two Towers I prefer the stories of Merry and Pippin and the Three Hunters compared to the slow drudgery of Sam and Frodo with Gollum.

I’m quite glad I’m reading the Kindle version at the moment because I like to see my progress through the book as well as long it’s likely to take me to finish reading. When I got past the 24 hour left in book mark it seemed to spur me on. I’m also reading a few blogs which do chapter by chapter reviews and it’s interesting to see what they pick up on that I’ve overlooked or forgotten about. Two of the blogs in particular are from first-time readers and their excitement and confusion is fun to see because it’s been a while since I felt that way; although I like how familiar it all is now, I do miss the fact that it’s never going to be new to me again.

The coming week is going to be nice and short for me and I’ve got a trip off the island to look forward to as well. I do also have to get stuck into planning and preparing for my final assignment. I mustn’t let myself rest from that for too long otherwise it’s going to be really really hard to actually get moving on it when I need to!

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