Thursday, 3 April 2014

Day Zero Project: Do a jigsaw puzzle together

I’ve always thought there’s something a bit romantic about doing things as a couple, silly little things like doing a jigsaw puzzle. So it went onto the list.

There was a day a few years ago when Mr Click and I went off the top end of the island with the intention of visiting this little place called Tighnabruich. As it turned out there wasn’t a whole lot there so after stopping for a drink and a cake in a cafe, and picking up a board game in a secondhand shop, we headed up to Inverary. And at Inverary there was a church bazaar going on.

One of the first things I saw when I walked into the room there was a Smaug jigsaaw puzzle. I had to have it!

Many years later, after we’d moved house, and I’d decided that I needed to do a jigsaw puzzle with Mr Click, I dug it out and we sat together putting it together.

Unfortunately it’s a large rectangular puzzle and our coffee table is round so it didn’t fit quite so well. I ended up having to rig up corners to the table using Amazon boxes. It’s not something we could do now because a certain big black labrador would probably sweep the lot off onto the floor and may or may not eat the pieces. It's unlikely that I'd be able to do it again any time soon, but we got it completed in the end and it looked really good. It was just a bit of a shame that I had to break it all up and put it away again. At least I took photos!

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