Friday, 4 April 2014

#atozchallenge: D is For...

Don’t Blame Your Daughter (Diamonds) – The Cardigans

Yup, I know I did a Cardigans song yesterday, but I do really like their stuff. This was one of the songs on the Greatest Hits album that I bought after I decided that I liked them and I remember listening to it on the walk up to University one day. I don’t think that there was anything particularly memorable about that walk, it certainly wasn’t any different to all the other times I walked up the road to the campus but something about the words struck me. There’s just something about the line ‘cutting diamonds with a rubber knife’.

I will admit I've never really watched the music video before and it's kind of creepy!

Don’t Write Me Off – Music & Lyrics

Mr Click and I went to see Music and Lyrics in the cinema when it first came out. It was exactly my sort of cheesy romantic comedy film; you know before you even go in to watch it that the couple on the movie poster are going to end up together. We have the soundtrack in the car and when Mr Click met me from work on Valentine’s Day he’d put it in the CD player and set it to play Way Back Into Love when I got in, and as much as I love that song, this one is brilliant too. Plus in the film it is wonderfully, cheesily, romantic.

Dirty Water – Status Quo

This one always sounds weird to me when I don’t hear it live. I’m used to hearing it played at the concerts we used to go to each year where the band take a break from singing part way through and let the audience take over. I’m not sure what it is about Dirty Water that makes me like it so much, it’s another good song to sing along to at the top of your voice (in my opinion the ability to sing really loudly while you’re in the house by yourself apparently makes it rank higher up the list); the Oh-oh-oh bit is especially fun. Then there’s also the memories of being in a big concert venue surrounded by a couple of thousand people who are also singing along at the tops of their voices which also plays a part in my liking it.

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