Tuesday, 15 April 2014

#atozchallenge: M is For...

Mean – Taylor Swift

This has become one of my theme songs in the last few years (well, since I first heard it, but I associate it with past events). I only got around to looking it up about a year ago and finally saw the video. It’s a song about not letting people get you down and recognising that you can be better than them. The video is perfect as well and this is without a doubt one of my very favourite favourite songs.

Market Day in Guernica – Katie Melua

I keep on talking about the words of songs and it is usually the main part of the song that I focus on. I don’t like it when a song’s music doesn’t match what the song is actually saying; I like it when they inspire me in some way or make me think about things I might not have considered before. This song is about the 26th of April, 1937, when the town of Guernica was bombed during the Spanish Civil War; it was a Monday which was usually the town’s Market Day and there has always been dispute about the exact number of casualties. It wasn’t something I’d ever heard about until this song and it prompted me to look it up to learn more. At first listening this was a sad song, but once you know about the history it becomes heartbreaking.

Mary Pickford – Katie Melua

Another Katie Melua song, this time a little more light-hearted. This CD was a gift and this song stood out to me from the start. At the time I got it Mr Click and I were watching the Gilbert and Sullivan adaptations that he’d bought me, they’re introduced by Douglas Fairbanks, Jnr. so the mention of Douglas Fairbanks in the lyrics caught my attention. I like to pick out all the references to actors, actresses and film studios in the song.

The Marvellous Toy – Tom Paxton

Oh yes, another Tom Paxton song. Yet another one from the Goin’ To The Zoo album I had as a small child and one of the ones that I had remembered for all those years, finding I still knew all the words to it when I finally got it on CD. This is one of those songs that is just fun to sing along to (possibly because of the sound effects). In more recent years I come to the conclusion the the Marvellous Toy is almost certainly a Bop-It with wheels on, all of the sounds match quite well.

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