Tuesday, 29 April 2014

#atozchallenge: Y is For...

I can’t believe it’s nearly over. I’ve really enjoyed writing these posts and I’ll be kind of sad to stop spending my Sundays looking up videos on YouTube that I can use for my posts. I’m definitely going to have to do more music posts in my weekly blogging routine.

You Picked Me – A Fine Frenzy

I started the month with an A Fine Frenzy song and I feel like I need to end the month with one too. This is from the same album as Almost Lover, the only A Fine Frenzy album that I own. It kind of reminds me of Birds and Boats by Gregory and the Hawk because it’s about the same sort of feeling. I like the idea of being the one chosen by somebody, they could’ve gone for anyone else, but they chose you, for whatever reason. It’s romantic and I’m like that.

Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life For Me – Disney

I have a massive collection of Disney music and it has taken a great deal of restraint not to turn this month into an A to Z of Disney Music (though maybe that’s an idea for next year, X might be a sticking point). Not only do I have numerous Disney soundtracks, I’ve also got some collections (Disney’s Greatest Hits complete with sing along CD or Disney Princesses Christmas songs anyone?) one of which is a collection of Disney Pirate Music. Bet you didn’t know there were that many pirate songs, let alone enough to fill a whole Disney CD!

Rather than posting every song from this CD, as I was tempted to, I went with this one, since I had it on a Disney sing-along video when I was little. It showed the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland and I used to watch it pretending that I was really there (you can actually see this on YouTube but it won't let me embed it). I still know all the words to this song!

Your Song – Ellie Goulding

They used this song on an advert a few years ago and I always used to stop and listen to it when it was on. I got her album that Christmas but there aren’t really many songs that stand out like this one does. I’d been familiar with this song thanks to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack but I like how this song is a lot softer and gentler than other versions. There's something sort of raw and honest about it which is sort of beautiful.

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