Sunday, 13 April 2014

Weekly Rundown

This week I've had a little bit less time online as it's the Easter holidays so all regular evening events have been cancelled, which means fewer trips to my in-laws' house and less time to read blogs and things like that. I've given up trying to read A to Z blogs on my iPhone because it's tediously slow and leaving comments takes even longer so I've been working to get all my posts written during the week to give me more time online to actually read online stuff.

I wound up taking an impromptu holiday at the end of last week because Mr Click did something to his back and wasn't feeling too good. On Thursday morning he was a colour which could be best described as oatmeal and when I realised I'd not taken a holiday just for myself since February, so it made for a good excuse for taking Friday off.
Mr Click's skin colour, or Pantone colour 13-0401 TPX if you prefer.
It also gave me a good opportunity to work on my OU assignment. I spent a good chunk of the day working on that. It started out a bit shaky but I think I was starting to get the hang of it when I finished. Yesterday I got it typed up and edited to make a little more sense and all being well I'll submit it next week before it's due.

I'll have to begin work on my EMA soon but I'd like to give myself a break for Easter and my birthday. Last week I checked when my graduation is likely to be so that's kind of an incentive to get that started. All being well I'll have a little trip to Edinburgh coming up in October!

I did actually take a break from working on my assignment at one point in the week when we reached the series finale of the first season of Criminal Minds. It's just as well I did because it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time and I just would've written gobbledygook. The last episode on the disc was titled Part 1 and ended with a total cliffhanger; one of the main characters was shot and as that character doesn't appear on the front cover of the next series I had a horrible feeling I knew how it was going to end. Of course I was wrong but we had a bit of a late night staying up to watch the next episode to find out.

We're also zooming through The Two Ronnies and have reached the fifth series; on Friday night we watched the episode with the famous 'fork handles' sketch. I suspect we'll be through the series and onto Red Dwarf within the next couple of months.

I'm still reading The Lord of the Rings. I slowed down a wee bit this last week because I've been sitting in bed writing at night instead of reading. To help spur me on I've been reading some blog posts from people who blogged about reading it chapter by chapter. A couple are from people who have read it multiple times and so they tend to take a more academic approach towards it, but two are from first time readers. I've read one before, it's only available through the Wayback Machine, it's nice to relive the growing enjoyment and excitement of the readers.

I've also been writing. Every day this week I've found time to put pen to paper and I'm fast approaching page 100 of my handwritten sheets. I've had a couple of bits where it's gotten sticky and I've not known what to do next. I'm taking the NaNo approach; just getting it down on the page and then fixing those bits later on. I'm also playing around with different perspectives from the original which is keeping things interesting and making me think about my characters.

I'm not sure when I'll feel ready to share any of it here, I might type up a bit some time soon to post here for a laugh.

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