Thursday, 10 April 2014

#atozchallenge: I is For...

I turned out to be quite the popular song title initial letter. Not quite as popular as B was but still popular enough that I had to sift through some of the songs to come up with my absolute favourites.

I Hope - Dixie Chicks

This is another song from the first Dixie Chicks album that I got. It's got that lovely, gentle, melody but with some really powerful lyrics. It ended up on my Favourite Songs playlist really early on and it has stayed there to this day. It's another song with a story to it and it's another one I associate with listening to whilst on long drives, like when we spent time in Appin while I was on placement.

I Know You By Heart - Eva Cassidy

I keep on mentioning songs that link to Behind the Scenes, the story I wrote all those years ago, and this is yet another. The story itself kind of plays out like a little movie in my mind, in fact I can really see it as a film and part of me would love to have a go at writing it out as a screenplay. If it was a film there would be a bit where the main character, Abby, is driven away from Alex, someone she has seen as a friend but has been developing feelings for, realises that she doesn't actually want to go away from him; and that's where this song would play.

It also reminds me of lying in a hostel in Helsinki after my whistle-stop trip taking in Russia, Finland and Estonia, when I listened to it on my CD player and realised that it would be the perfect song for my story.

Into The West - Annie Lennox

When I was doing a bit of research into my Bilbo's Last Song poster I learned that Peter Jackson would've liked to have set it to music for the final song in the Lord of the Rings trilogy but he was unable to get the rights to it. Into The West was written to convey the same mood as the song; something I kind of picked up on since becoming more familiar with the poem.

It's a little bit morbid but I've always found myself listening to this song after a death, let's face it, it's a song about endings and goodbyes. It's kind of comforting to listen to it when you've buried a much loved pet or heard about someone passing away.

Imagine - John Lennon

This isn't a particularly long song but it's a powerful one. I don't really remember listening to it at home until I was a teenager, living in a house with my grandparents and getting my Nan a John Lennon CD, but it seems like I've always known all the words to it.

It's a lovely song and it reminds me of too many things to list here. I think it sums up an era which has kind of passed now; whenever you hear it playing in a film you instantly know when that film is set (Mr Holland's Opus is the example that springs to mind just now).


  1. What a fun idea, going through your music collection letter by letter. "Into the West" is a wonderful piece.

    I did a single blogpost that was kind of similar a while back called "My Life in MP3s." :-)

    1. Thanks for sharing your post, I'm going to check it out. :-)

  2. You need to share that short story *nods*

    1. I've actually got a post about it scheduled for tomorrow. ;-)

      Not sure it's ready for sharing yet though, and it's not so short, the original version was over 33,000 words long. This new version might actually run to full novel-length!

  3. Glad to see you still going strong . . . .Good stuff.

  4. Thanks, glad to see you're still reading. :-)


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