Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Time For Giving

One of the things I enjoy about Christmas is looking around for presents for special people and trying to find things which I know they'll enjoy.

This year I think I did a particularly good job of present finding. Pictured below are the presents for Mr Click and Tara, not included in this photo are the gifts I gave to my work Secret Santa, my in-laws and a couple of other people (because I gave them away and so didn't have photos of them this morning).

The stocking was filled with the traditional treats; a Terry's Chocolate Orange, some chocolate coins and a chocolate Santa. There was also a little cuddly penguin (on the right hand side of the photo) who sings 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' (it was the least annoying of all the singing cuddlies I could find. The stocking included some socks and slipper socks and also some blu-rays (E.T. and Who Framed Roger Rabbit).

Too big to fit in the stocking were a set of books featuring Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell, his wife, by Laurie King. Mr Click spotted those in The Book People catalogue a few months back and they've been sitting in a box on top of my wardrobe ever since.

The main presents were another set of books which he'd also mentioned liking the look of, The Two Ronnies Complete Collection on DVD (I'd wanted to get him the Columbo box set but it briefly came down to £30 before shooting up to £50 where is stayed until the week before Christmas, by which point I'd already decided to go with The Two Ronnies instead).

The very top present was the Morphy Richards slow cooker. We'd mentioned getting one at the beginning of the year and I suggested we get it in the Autumn. Then I found that one and had to come up with the lame excuse of waiting until the January sales to put off Mr Click from buying another one! I also found a really good recipe book to go with it; so many of them had really fancy foods which would be fine for a dinner party but weren't really things you'd have for tea on a regular day. After a lot of searching I found the one pictured on top of the box, it's got all normal sorts of meals like chicken noodle soup and beef casseroles which are the kinds of things we both like to eat.

And then to the left of the photo were our presents for Tara. There was the traditional doggy stocking, we learned last year that if we gave Tara something from her stocking while we open ours it helps to keep her occupied and less interested in what we're up to. This stocking had a big green Christmas tree chew, which had an interesting effect on Tara's morning deposit today! I was a little bit worried until I remembered what might've caused it.

The big red thing is a Kong Wobbler. I was most excited about giving her this present. It's basically a giant size version of the black Kong toy she already has (one at home and one at my in-laws'), which is made out of thick plastic. The top unscrews and you can fill it with treats. There's a small hole in the side and when it's knocked over in a certain direction the treat falls out. It's weighted like a Weeble so when it's knocked over it springs back upright again.

Tara figured it out pretty much straight away and it brought us all a lot of entertainment value watching her play with it on Christmas Day. I'm hoping to get a video of her playing with it at some point soon.

What were some of your favourite gifts to give this year?

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