Thursday, 5 December 2013

Stormy Weather (Update)

The fact that I'm posting this while I should be at work should tell you something about how successful my commute has been!

Four roads on and off the estate and all of them are blocked!

So I'm staying home and drinking hot chocolate until we get a chance to try again because even if we could get off the estate there's problems with scaffolding done along the road at the front.

Power cuts are expected and a neighbour of my in laws has discovered a chimney pot in their garden and has no idea where it came from.

Just another day on Bute really.


  1. Here in Shropshire things are gusty, every now and again one will rip through the garden and throw things about a bit, but so far nothing bad has happened as we are a long way from the worst of it . . . . Good luck up there.

    1. It was really really bad in some places, we got off quite lightly although there was a lot of damage done to a building near my in-laws' which had scaffolding blown all over the place (including through windows)!

      Some of the flooding on the East Coast was really awful.


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