Friday, 6 December 2013

First Snowfall

Yesterday at work I got back from my lunch, settled at my desk, started doing what needed to be done, glanced out the window and noticed it was snowing.

This caused a wee bit of excitement (mainly from me) especially when it actually started settling in places. Luckily it didn't snow for very long and didn't stay settled for much longer, but still, it all adds to that Christmassy feeling.

You'll notice I mentioned being at work up there. After the excitement of yesterday I did eventually make it to work. Only two and a half hours late.

We had a little while to wait for the trees blocking the roads where I live to get cleared as well as the main road along the seafront to be reopened after some scaffolding was made dangerous by the high winds (read: blowing bits of it across the road and into people's homes!) but once we got the all clear it was a pretty easy journey.

Lots of big trees uprooted though, two of which took out two big chunks of a wall in virtually the same place as last year when we had the big storm. Luckily there weren't any power cuts and we fared a lot better than some places around the country.

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